Foundation Licence

The Swansea Radio Society regularly runs Foundation Licence courses and exams at Swansea Universtiy.

Our next exam is on Thursday 7th November

The Course

We are intending to run an exam session (for Foundation and Intermediate candidates) on Thursday 7th November at 6pm. Please check if you are available on this date, as applications will need to be put through at least two weeks in advance.

We have a couple of sessions timetabled in:

  • 10th October 6pm - Foundation Practical Assessments and Exam Forms
  • 17th October 6pm - Foundation Q&A session and exam tips
  • 24th October 6pm - Foundation Mock (Exam Application Deadline)
  • 31st October 6pm - Halloween?
  • 7th November 6pm - Exam

Other than that, the majority of the preparation will be up to you! Textbooks are available from the RSGB’s Shop or through the club, and they contain all of the information required to pass the exam.

The Exam

The exam itself has 26, multiple choice questions. You must get 19 of these correct in order to pass the exam. You are given 55 minutes to answer. Once the exam has finished, the invigilators will be able to provide you with an indicative mark, but the papers are then sent to the RSGB for official marking. Please note that the exam costs £27.50! More information about how you pay the exam fee will be provided nearer the time.

Helpful Resources

The slides we use are made public below:

2018 Slides

Last year we did slides. This year we probably won’t, but you can look at them anyway if you like!

Note: These slides are not comprehensive, and are only there to give you an outline for the Foundation Syllabus. We would recommend checking out the resources at or reading a copy of Foundation Licence Now (available through the club) to ensure your success in the exam

Week 1 Slides

Week 2 Slides