Club Revival - 2017

In 2017, Peter MØSWN, the current president of the club, founded the current amateur radio society at Swansea University. This following statement explains the process which Peter underwent to found the new club:

I'm an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at Swansea University, and I've been enjoying Amateur Radio since I joined the Thornbury & South Gloucestershire club four years ago. Upon joining the University, naturally one of my first questions was, 'is there a radio club?'. Little was I know that this question would lead me down a long path of research, discovery, but ultimately starting and running my own radio society at the university Peter MØSWN

Original Club

The original club was called teh Electronic Engineering Amateur Radio Society, and held the club callsign GW3UWS that we still use to this day. The society was never an official Student Union society, due to the small numbers of people involved. One of the club's many projects was an AX.25 packet radio that allowed Radio Amateurs in Swansea to get on the internet before many of them had connections of their own! The club was based in the Faraday building on Singleton Campus

The old website for the radio club can still be found on archive.org, with the last snapshot being taken on 18th Feb, 1999. The footer is market 30 Jan 1996